Monday, February 09, 2009

Random Things About Me

I got tagged to write this note on facebook - 25 things about me - so I'm putting them up here as well. Enjoy!

1) I’m very shy and quiet when I’m in a crowd of unfamiliar people. But with my close friends, I’m playful and talkative.

2) I process information for weeks. For example, I could watch a movie on Monday, and still be analysing every scene a week later. Or I could read a book and be thinking of an alternative ending to the story 2 months later.

3) I'm such a keeper. I hold on to emails, letters, text messages and birthday cards for as long as possible. I still have letters my friends wrote to me when we were in secondary school, birthday cards from three years ago and more.

4) I would rather spend money on experiences like travelling, enjoying good food, going to see plays and shows than buying stuff. I think life is for living, not for accumulating material things that only depreciate. For example, I would rather spend £2000 on a nice holiday than on the latest “IT” bag.

5) I love listening to music. Even when I'm working, I have to have some kind of music playing in the background, or in my head. Can't stand absolute silence.

6) I learn songs quickly. I can hear a song twice and learn all the lyrics off by heart. Sometimes this is good, because people are impressed when I know the latest songs off by heart already. Sometimes it is annoying because I pick up songs that I don't even want to.

7) I try to avoid getting addicted to anything. When I realise I have started liking something too much, I stop doing it immediately.

8) I have a terrible sweet tooth. I love things like ice-cream, chocolates, yoghurt hmmmm.... Never put me and cake alone in the same room.

9) I am a night owl by nature. That explains why I’m awake at 2.43am typing this. That also explains why I hated the 9 – 5 work routine.

10) I recently cut all my hair and decided to start over. I realised perms and weaves don’t work for me.

11) I can be so disorganised, procrastinating with work even when I have deadlines fast approaching.

12) I have a very low boredom threshold. (I’m already getting tired of this meme).

13) I am very loyal to the people I really care about.

14) I have just started learning how to drive. Hey, better late than never!

15) I admire naturally fashionable and stylish people but I’m quite clueless with throwing things together and coming up with a striking outfit. Who can help a sister out?

16) I love reading books and magazines. My dream holiday would be: sun, sand, sea and a heap of good reading material.

17) I'm very indecisive but I can be very stubborn once I’ve made up my mind.

18) I absolutely hate feeling guilty. I would go out of my way to avoid upsetting anyone, and if I have then I’ll apologise at once.

19) The worst thing a person can do is to betray my trust.

20) I’m not really a TV person. I don’t watch many shows because they require commitment to follow. And I don’t like watching the news; most of it is depressing stuff anyway.

21) I’m obsessed with my kitchen and bathroom. I don’t care much if every other room in the house is untidy but I can’t stand a dirty kitchen or bathroom.

22) I like cooking and trying new recipes. Dear hubby gets to eat all my experiments – good or bad ;)

23) I usually spend ages brushing my teeth, often more than thirty minutes. (Totally random, yeah?) Well, actually that’s because I’m daydreaming at the same time.

24) I love photography – just haven’t found the time and commitment to focus on it.

25) I love God and I’m complete in Him.

I thought I should throw in a few extras:

26) I love travelling! I love the planning, the anticipation, and the excitement of discovering a new place, a new culture, trying new food, etc! And I love taking photographs and collecting souvenirs. *Sigh* If I could get a job as a travel writer, that would be just perfect.

27) I love seafood - give me shrimp, prawns, mussells, squid, scallops etc over chicken or beef any day. When I eat out I check for seafood on the menu first.

28) I'm a gadget girl. I love getting a new gadget and getting to grips with it, reading the instruction manual and what not.

29) I really want to learn a foreign language - French, Spanish and Italian top my list.

30) I'm still not sure if I want to have kids..... Oops, did I just type that, the in-laws mustn't read this...