Thursday, December 03, 2009

Meeting My Mentor

The Christmas season is upon us. I can tell by all the ads on TV and the hundreds of emails I get telling me about one item or the other I need to have "the perfect Christmas". It gets on my nerves to see how much Christmas is commercialised in this part of the world, but I can't do anything about it so I just have to ignore it

Last weekend I was privileged to have lunch with  Abidemi Sanusi, one of my mentors. We had been chatting online for a while and I was really excited when she invited me to have lunch at home with her. (She said she figured I was not a stalker, weirdo or time waster, lol!). She's been a great great help to me in the past two years, giving me encouraging comments about my work, taking time to teach me stuff about how the industry works, critiquing my work when I needed it. We had a very good afternoon, bonding over food and wine, talking about everything ranging from books to gender issues. She's great! I had been quite nervous about meeting her but she's very down to earth, no airs or pretenses at all and she put me at ease immediately. It felt like I was meeting up with an old friend. I learnt a lot from her in one afternoon, some stuff that other people have to pay money for :). Thanks Bidemi! I look forward to meeting you again, this time I'll host :)

It's funny how we don't realise how attached we are to our gadgets. My laptop was out of order for five days and I couldn't do anything! I experienced severe withdrawal symptoms because even though I could access the internet on my phone, I still could not do many other things! I couldn't open, write or edit Word documents or pdf files, I couldn't download stuff, I couldn't catch up on some of the programmes I had scheduled. Besides the tiny buttons and screen on the phone got tired after one day. Sigh. Thankfully I have my laptop back and the world is alright now :)

Have a good weekend everyone!


  1. I agree with you about christmas being so commercialised. This will be the firsy yr that i won't celebrate christmas. I know my family won't be so understanding or supportive, lol they just look at me as some afro-bohemian hippy, lol but hey...
    I personally have been convicted in my understanding that like Halloween christmas and easter are pagan festivals. I'm not a Jehovah's witness...stil celebrate my birthday, lol but i'm not going to go into the whole history behind christmas but truth be told christmas had nothing to do with Christ in the first place, its been made to "appear" as being about the birth of Jesus but really its not, its a man-made tradition. Also apart from the fact that there is no mention of it anywhere in the Bible, as a christian when your born-again in Christ and understand His death, He lives in you and you in Him. Let me put it this know how on valentines day peeps are always ranting on how they don't need one day to tell the person they love that they love/appreciate them, although its normally those who don't have valentine's who feel this way, lool, well as a christian when Christ died it was no longer about exalting the "sabbath" or to some Sunday ecause now that He abides in you and you in Him, worship is no longer 2hrs in a church building, instead its in your heart 24/7. So just as peeps dont need that one day to tell their loved ones that they love them, people shouldn't need one day set aside to acknowledge the fact that Christ came to the world to save man-kind. Woah..that was a long one, lol

    I totally understand the whole computer thing, same thing happened to me 3 weeks ago...i guess its true what they say, we never know what we have until its gone, lol

    dulces. xxx

  2. Oh wow, you met Abidemi? I read Kemi's Journal and was impressed. I read her blog sometimes and have got a few tips from there. You're in real good hands I suppose, and on the right track.

    As for the computer thing, my SO teases me about being addicted. It's some of the risks of the job I guess. LOL...glad your computer is back in action.

  3. Wow,you had lunch with!

  4. I'm happy to hear that you got your laptop back. :) Though I have only had my laptop for a year now, I have always wanted one since I was 9 so that I could type up my stories on MS Word. :)

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  6. I agree with the whole christmas thing. For the first time this year I am not buying christmas gift for anyone. I will however cook and anyone who wants to eat is welcome.

  7. Happy ur laptop is fixed, hope life is good. Been a while!

  8. u r right about christmas o

    good to know ur laptop is working now